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Make and Model:Ford Transit 350L TDCI
Type:passenger car
First reg.:8/2007
Mileage:143,340 km
Price:5 999.- EUR
93 863.95 EEK
Bargain price:5 500.- EUR
86 056.30 EEK
Number of doors:5
Engine:2.4 (85 kW)
Transmission:manual 6-käiku
Other:Brought from: Switzerland
Location of a vehicle: Tartu, Estonia
Broker sale
Contact:Sepa Autopood
735 2388
Sepa 17d, Tartu
power steering, central locking (with remote control), ABS brakes, head restraints, immobilizer, third brake light, stability control, braking force regulator, traction control, seatbelt pre-tighteners on front seats, headlight range adjustment, steering wheel adjustment, car stereo (CD, original), speakers, cup holders, textile upholstery, adjustable seat height (driver's seat), front armrest, Comfort seats, sunshield, 12v power outlet